Soy candles or Lip balms?

Hi people!! How are you?? Just finished to make my new soap!!! I'm very satisfied on my work,the soap looks good and smells soooo fresh.
I used a clear soap base and a FRESHLY CUT GRASS divine fragrance oil;then I casted into the soap some leaves of rosmary and laurel. Smell this soap is like take a walk in the park at sunday morning. Great work Bella ^___^

Now I have to talk about something else. I'm thinking about adding some new prodcts to my shop,but I already can't decide!!
I'd really like to try something new like soay candles/tarts; I'd like t make some soay candles in apothecary jars like this:

They are so colorful and cute that I spend hours looking at them in shops and on the internet =)

The other thing I'd like to start making are lip balms; I tought something like little jars or tins,with colorful labels!

What do you think? Can you dear readers help me with my decision???
Thank's for your help, have a nice day,
Bella <3


celestefrittata said...

I'd definitely love to see lipbalms in your shop!

Bella Bubbles said...

Ciao!! Thank you for the comment!!

Nuria said...

Hello Bella, thank you for visiting my blog, you are also a talented soaper, your new soap sounds irresistible! Love from Spain

Bella Bubbles said...

Hi!!! Thank you for the comment! Hugs <3

Enchanted said...

Hello Bella,

I love your blog. I have been afraid to make bath bombs but you make it look so easy I think I just might be able to do it!

Lip balms would be great. Home made feel so much better than store bought and they actually make your lips soft. lol

I have to thank you twice for following my blog. Once for following and second because it introduced me to your wonderful blog.


Bella Bubbles said...

Oh my,thank you for such a lovely comment <3
Thank's for the advice too! You blog is lovely too!
P.s. tell me when you make bath bombs,I'd love to see them!


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