Let's talk about melt & pour Soap Base

Good morning! How did you pass Xmas day? Hope everything gone right.

I woke up this morning thinking about what to talk about in my "today" post on the blog; I decided to talk about melt & pour soap base.

When I decided to start with soap-making, I tought that melt and pour was the right technique for me.

This because I have a small lab (inside my house where I live with parents,sister and my kitty); I read a lot about soap making with lye and I definitely got scared of hot/cold soap making process. 

Once I decided for Melt & Pour, obviously I had to find a good-natural-clear base with reasonable costs (and shipping costs).

It wasn't easy! There are only a few web sites selling this kind of base in bulk quantities,and many are soooo far away that shipping costs for me were going to be higher than soap cost!

I want to help people who's starting soap-making , so I'm going to list here the web sites I've found

- Gracefruit.com  This is a very good site for soap makers,expecially for european ones: in fact it's in the UK and shipping costs are definitely reasonable. It sells white soap base and clear soap base in bulk quantities. It sells also scents,oils,additives and everything you may need.

- PudledukSoapCo.etsy.com They make a very good white soap base all natural and super fatted with Shea butter. Their base is actually a made to order cold processed soap so it is just like you mixed the lye and fats yourself. The nice fact is that they can make custom orders with your favourite quantity! 

- Wholesale Supplies Plus 15 kinds of soap bases, many are already enriched with milks and butters. They are in Ohio so shipping costs are reasonable for U.s.

- BrambleBerry.com Thank's Kelle for talking me about this beautiful site! They sell tons of supplies and tested bases! Many Etsy soap sellers use their bases.

If I were you I wouldn't buy base from E-bay: my advice is to buy always from web sites which certificate that their soap is good for skin and that the base have been clinically tested. 

If I'll found other interesting sites selling bases I'll update this post! 


Kelle's Kitchen said...

Hi! Found you on Etsy forums! I will follow your blog :) For US customers, they should definitely check into www.BrambleBerry.com. I do Cold Process soaps so don't know much about the Melt and Pour bases from there, honestly, but I do buy all of my fragrance/essential oils and some of my products for lip balm from them - they are great and sell ONLY high quality soaping goods that they test themselves. Also, the reason I suggest it, is because the soaper who sells the highest volume on Etsy uses their bases! So they must be reasonable enough to make good business sense, and people seem to love them.

Bella Bubbles said...

Hi Kelle!! Thank's for your comment,I'll add BrambleBerry.com to the list, you're right,is a beautiful site!!!
Maybe I'll buy some stuff soon...
P.s. Now I follow you too <3

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

You did the design on the labels yourself? You have done an outstanding job! I need to work on making mine better - again!

Congrats on your first sale, doesnt it give you a motivation to go create more and more? Awesome!

Bella Bubbles said...

Thank's Mea Culpa =) Yes I did all myself, uff, it's been a long long work but I did it haha!
Yes,my first sales are making me soooo motivated and happy!!!!
P.s. Your products are adorable <3

Anonymous said...

interesting blog, I'll have to come back and read more, thanks

shannon said...

great info. thanks!

Bella Bubbles said...

Thank's for the comments Mystic and Shannon! =)

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