Welcome to my blog!

Hi everybody! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Francesca, I'm an Italian 21years old student of Landscape Architecture. I live in north-west Italy, on the see. 

I love art and architecture. In my freetime I create handmade soap and bath goods <3

I stated with this craft hobby a few months ago, making some soap bars for me and my family. Then I never stopped: I read books about the properties of the erbs/oils/butters,bought essential oils and fragrances, bought bottles and jars for body waters and scrubs....I had to buy tons of supplies (and it costed a lot) but the money I spent was NOTHING in comparison with the satisfaction of creating a good line of products with my name.

I created this blog not only as a showcase of my products,but expecially to make all the people interested in soap making partecipate my creative work.

There will be tutorials and advices. There will be lessons and recipes. 

So,what can I say,bookmark this blog and follow me in the faboulous world of soap!


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