AVOCADO soap time!!! Tutorial

Hi people! Today I'll show you the Avocado and Olive oil soap I've made, and I'll teach you how to make it!

I'm very proud of my results! 

I did it with the melt & pour tecnique as usual. Here you have the recipe:

You'll need:

- one AVOCADO fresh fruit and his seed

- 150 ml of Extra Virgin olive oil

- white melt&pour soap base

- one lemon

This is what you have to do.

1) Wash your avocado and cut it in 2 parts.

2) put the seed in a dish 

3) Collect the whole pulp with a spoon and put it inthe blender

4) Blend the pulp and add the olive oil and the juice of half lemon

5) Melt some of your melt&pour soap base

6) Add to the soap your avocado cream and the chopped seed

7) Mix with the spoon

8) If you want you can whip your soap for an extra soft feel

9) Pour the soap in a mold

10) Wait that your soap is solid =)

Et voilà <3 you have your mosturizing avocado soap!

If you like this recipe or you have to add something please comment!!!

Have a nice week, with love



Sweet Treat Your BOdy said...

Great Tutorial!!!

Bella Bubbles said...

Thank's!!!! =) Have a nice day Sweet

Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

Your blog is looking great! Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

The site is beautiful and wonderful, organized and rich in lessons. Allow me to convey to him some of the lessons of this site

Accept my greetings

Bella Bubbles said...

Thank you! Have a nice weekend guys =)

Sandy said...

Love your tutorial! Also love your blog. I have a question, though. Do you have to worry about the avocado going bad? Do you need to add Vitamin E or anything to keep the oils from molding with the avocado? I make CP and only dabble in Melt and pour. I had always thought that you don't want to stir melt and pour too much to avoid bubbles. So whipping it won't cause any problems?

Bella Bubbles said...

Hi Sandy thank's for your comment!
I resolved the problem of fruit going bad with a bulk use of lemon (wich is a great antioxidant and also contains vitamine C and E); it seems to work!
For your secon question, whipping causes no problems,you obtain a creamy and softy soap. You can see the whipped part in the picture (is the lighter green strate) =)
Hugs! XOXO

Sandy said...

Hi Bella,

Thanks for the response. I am very intrigued about this soap. I just have to try it. I didn't know you could do such cool things with melt and pour.

Bella Bubbles said...

Oh yes you can, but only using a very good and homemade soap base! Avoid the commercial ones <3

Anonymous said...

This is a great recipe. How much of the melt and pour did you use? about one pound?

ساحر حضرموت said...

THANKS VERY wonderful



Nhung Nguyen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You said to put the seed in a dish then a further step said to add chopped seed to soap.you left out the instructions on how to chop this often very hard seed???

Charlene Sphon said...

Im confused about the seed also. How is it chopped?

Lorri Brown said...

Im confused on the seed also? Help :) i really want to make this :)

Barbie Chiu said...

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Bonnie Tolle said...

I am confused about the seed also & the amount of soap base to use? Not a very clear recipe

walkyourdreams said...

May I know how much base did u use

walkyourdreams said...

May I know how much base did u use

Andria Schumacher said...

You really can't use fresh ingredients like avocado in melt and pour soap that you're not going to use immediately. It misses the saponification process you need to neutralize it. Not trying to troll... Melt and pour soap base is expensive. Don't www. Asher it with "fresh ingredients". I've gone through about 200 lbs of melt and pour soap base trying to make amazing things.

Anonymous said...

I consider this recipes is not good, because not say how many melt and pour base, the olive oil is too much, put all pulp of the avocado is too much too,, the seed , Helloooo.

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