How to make you own lip balm

There are many kinds of lip balms you can find for sale in the shops,but no one will ever be like the one you make YOURSELF at home with the natural ingredients you like and you know you need =)

I've collected many recipes and do my lip balms at home every time I need them!
Here I'll try to explane this easy technique and the ingredients you'll have to buy.

- Beeswax 1/3
- Honey 1/3 (super mosturizing and glossy)
- Shea butter 1/3 (the best for skin and lip problems)
- 3 drops of your favourite edibles flavour or essential oil (you can try Sweet orange essential oil 3 drops + 3 drops of vanilla extract, yes, the one you use for cakes ^^).
Melt beeswax and shea butter together in a little pot on the cooker. Stop the fire and add the honey. Mix,mix, add the drops of the essential oil/flavoured oil you want.
Put all in a little jar and let it become cold. You'll see in a few minutes it will start to harden.
Wait something like 24 hours and you'll have your super costumized lip balm!!
You don't need to add preservatives because honey,beeswax and shea butters are not attackable for bacteria.
If you want a light preservative wich is also an excellent mosturizing agent use VITAMIN E in drops!!! Nothing's better for your skin! <3
Enjoy and let me know what you think about the tutorial! I'm waiting for your comments and recipes =)


Lady Farrah's by Locklear said...

What a fabulous idea! I am going to try making some myself using Jasmine Absolute 5%!

Bella Bubbles said...

Hi! Thank's for your comment!! Please share your result with us if you make it!!! Hugs and have a nice week-end!

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