Princess soap <3

Hi people! Today I've produced a new soap!!! Hurray =)

In the last weeks I had to study hard for an university exam and wasn't able to make soap ='(

The gorgeous soap I've made is white as snow, creamy and rich in oils and vitamines, and is decorated with cute hot pink flakes of soap on top.

The scent is simply divine, because of the essential oils I've added: geranium,lavender and rose!

Is amazing, I'm sure that all the princesses would like to have it when they jump in their tub!

I'm thinking about selling it alone and in a shaving set with a pink lady razor!

I'll upload the pics tomorrow, hope you're going to like it!!
Good night,
Bella <3


Kelle's Kitchen said...

I can't wait to see it, it sounds amazing!

Bella Bubbles said...

Thank's!! Just posted the pics!! Hugs,
Bella <3

Feli said...


Bella Bubbles said...

Gracias Feli =)

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