Yap! Happy sunday people!

Today i'm going to talk about a FUN argument that I'm sure you all soap-addicted people heart: MOLDS!

So far I've only made big soap bars, cutting them in bar-slices after.

Then I discovered the fun world of the molds: tons of super funny molds were there on e-bay and on other web sites ready to be purchased!

I definitely fell in love with the massage bar molds (already purchased, I'm waiting for the UPS man as a kid waits for biscuits ^___^).

And look at theese:


If you want to buy molds there are a few sites that will definitely make you cry of joy =)

Here are the ones I've found:

GBhouse Craftology : You won't believe at your eyes, go visit them and let me know =)

Herbal Accents : soo many molds! Also 3D molds!

Soap Place : their molds are so cute! They have massage bar molds in stock.

Voyageur Soap :  haha, geek molds o.O

North country mercantile : tons of molds, also animal and kids ones 

As usual,if I'll found other interesting sites for molds I'll update this post!

If anyone knows other good sellers,please leave a comment!! 

Have a nice day,Bella


Kelle's Kitchen said...

Hi girly! I just saw your sugar pie soap on the front page and wanted to let you know and say congrats! I saw you in another treasury, too, I believe. You really are making quite a splash in your first few weeks :) All of that work to prepare really paid off for you, I think. It makes me wish I could go back and really work out a plan before opening my shop, ha ha, I just took a few (not so good) photos and dove right in. Ugh. Congrats, you are amazing!

P.S. I read your post about molds. I actually don't use them myself but thought about investing as all of my friends seem to be getting married soon so I may start soaping for wedding favors. Unfortunately my best friend told me she wants to give guests my normal full sized bars. So...I guess not for her wedding!

Bella Bubbles said...

Hi Kelle!!! My God,I don't know what to say...I mean...THE HOMEPAGE!!!! Thank's so much for telling me,I saw the visits boom and all that new hearts but I didn't know what happened =)
Really thank's to you and all the other people that are supporting me <3

The first link of molds in the post have a huge section for wedding molds =)
Their prices are a little bit high but if you know that you will sell good, you can definitely invest 'cause that molds are beautiful!!!

Creative Minds said...

Cute soaps...
Thanks for visiting my website.

We have a new scavenger hunt going on. Check it out!

Duni said...

omg- the fairy mold is adorable. I'd keep the soap forever!!!

Bella Bubbles said...

Thank's for the comments <3
Creative I'll come visit your link asap!

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